WizardQuant Products

WizardQuant has launched two categories of hedge funds products, the Management Type and the Structuring Type. The entire trading strategy and execution system are entirely based on mathematical modeling and automation, with no manual intervention. The funds strictly hedge the market risk, so the return will not be influenced by market fluctuations. Our rigorous and scientific investment philosophy, methods, high-quality and high-yield investment research team and the steady growth in both bull and bear markets have been recognized by a growing number of institutional investors.

  • Global perspective, experts steering

    Our unique advantage is the management team's background and vision in the international and domestic markets. Our rich experience in front-end trading, back-end risk control and trading system development integrates the entire investment process into an organic whole, adaptive and evolving in changing markets to create a truly unique quantitative fund.

    Quantitative analysis, winning in all weather

    We reduce the market volatility through quantitative analysis , find stocks with real stable α, optimize the investment portfolio, and balance long and short positions in order to gain stable excess returns.

    Long-tested, steady growth

    Our products are based on a sophisticated strategy framework. After ten years of testing in both domestic and foreign markets, our products have involved unique factors applicable to the Chinese market, and have extracted from the mass of data the earnings signal with strong sustainability. We diversify the investment portfolio to reduce the disturbance of market volatility and achieve stable investment growth.

    Multilayer strategies, huge capacity

    With a multi-strategy and multi-asset portfolio system, we gain diversification benefits among different holding frequency, different strategies and different financial instruments, freely reacting to various market styles, exactly matching investors' risk preferences, and calmly managing large-capacity funds.