Our Culture

The Pursuit of Excellence

We are never satisfied with excellence, and our pursuit of excellence is always optimal. It is the spirit of the pursuit of excellence that broadens our employees’ vision and mind, keeps our company continuing to forge ahead and face challenges, and sears the criteria of "Never be content with things as they are" in the hearts of all staff.

People Oriented

WizardQuant is not just an ordinary company, but a united learning team. The company's development takes the comprehensive staff development as the core, and closely integrates the development planning and the employee goal. WizardQuant is an organic combination of every outstanding employee, and each employee is the most reliable backing and the most valuable asset of the company.

Stimulating Creativity

Innovation is the lifeblood and the source for the company's development. WizardQuant is committed to stimulating the creativity of each employee, which is not only the needs for the pursuit of excellence, but also reflects the people-oriented philosophy as an important part of the company spirit. It always pushes us toward a higher goal, making innovative development and improvement.

Customer First

Customer First is the supreme philosophy of our company, WizardQuant puts each investor at the heart of everything we do. We strives for excellence by use of cohesion and creativity with a purpose to achieve stability of the value of client assets. The company sets out from the vital interests of each client to ensure the maximum benefits and risk control, achieving the mutual profit and growth of the customer and the company.

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