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WizardQuant wishes to recruit undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students in order to form a world-class team of elite financial research professionals. Our company uses technological innovation as a means of guiding industry breakthroughs. Our exceptional platform attracts the most outstanding experts, while our achievements are rewarded in the form of substantial returns. Meanwhile, our unique training system provides newly graduated students with the instruction they need.

The pursuit of excellence is the main goal of our company's employees. If you have the ambition to become an elite financial expert; if you dream of cooperating with the cream-of-the-crop in order to rapidly grow and succeed; and if you have the determination to constantly better yourself, then WizardQuant will provide you with ample support and guidance. At WizardQuant, the sky is the limit.

If you are interested in any of the openings below, please send your resume to with the following title: Name+Position+School+Major.

Futures Trader (Operator)
Job Responsibilities:
1. Executing orders issued by the fund manager, timely giving feedbacks of the implementation of orders and
changes in the market to the relevant fund managers;
2. Providing feasibility investment advice to the fund managers through researching and analyzing stock market
trends according to the transaction performance and market conditions;
3. Assisting the fund managers to carry out statistical analyses of transaction results, and providing reasonable
operation suggestions.
1. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree or above. Priority for selection will be given to those who are more
sensitive to data, or havestatistical mathematics and other engineering backgrounds;
2. Being keen on trading and transactions, showing great interests in financial and economic knowledge as well as
the financial market; having ambitions for long-term development and achievements in the financial sector;
3. Being able to work under pressure; having good psychological quality and self-discipline; having courage
to face the challenges and withstand greater psychological pressures;
4. Being good at analyzing and able to remain calm in thoughts and develop rational trading strategies;
5. Being very detailed, focused and principled;
6. Having a decisive character, showing confidence and strong ability to accept new things;
7. Having good communication and collaboration skills.

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