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WizardQuant wishes to recruit undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students in order to form a world-class team of elite financial research professionals. Our company uses technological innovation as a means of guiding industry breakthroughs. Our exceptional platform attracts the most outstanding experts, while our achievements are rewarded in the form of substantial returns. Meanwhile, our unique training system provides newly graduated students with the instruction they need.

The pursuit of excellence is the main goal of our company's employees. If you have the ambition to become an elite financial expert; if you dream of cooperating with the cream-of-the-crop in order to rapidly grow and succeed; and if you have the determination to constantly better yourself, then WizardQuant will provide you with ample support and guidance. At WizardQuant, the sky is the limit.

If you are interested in any of the openings below, please send your resume to with the following title: Name+Position+School+Major.

Financial Software Engineer / Intern(Python)
Job Responsibilities:
Management, maintenance, and cleaning of all kinds of high-frequency data in stocks and futures procedural transactions,
as well as transaction data analysis.
1. Applicants must have graduated from computer related majors in universities which rank within the top 20 in science and
engineering majors nationwide, with a full-time bachelor degree or above;
2. Being proficient in python, having a comprehensive understanding of python basic grammar,basic data structures,
and common library;
3. Being familiar with the performance characteristics of python, object-oriented design patterns, functional programming,
and the nature of dynamic languages;
4. Understanding basic scientific computing modules, such as numpy, scipy, sk-learn, matplotlib, pandas, etc.;
5. Those who are familiar with C, C ++ are preferred;
6. Those who have a large library actualization experience are preferred;
7. Having a good psychological quality, being rigorous, patient, and showing a strong sense of teamwork.

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